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What features are offered?

Interactive Calendar

An interactive calendar that allows anyone to sign up for the meal ministry you've set up, and viewable to anyone the calendar code.

Team Assignments

Manage assign teams to various meal ministries in your church or organization.

Instant Interaction

Want to lend a hand without the commitment of registering for the website? With just the access code to an existing ministry you can!

Mobile Friendly

Set up a meal ministry on the go with our mobile friendly version! The mobile design is perfect for any Android or iOS device.

Easy Setup

Super easy setup! As an organizer you can easily set up a new meal care, or send recipients of the care a link directly to the setup form!

Security Matters

We keep data secure by using SSL, TSL, and identity encryption. We use Microsoft's Azure cloud to store data and keep your information tightly secured.

What is Meal Ministry?

Meal ministry goes by many names: meal care, meal train, meal ministry, etc... what it is, though, is a centralized and easy to use way of setting up calendars to deliver or receive meals on a scheduled basis. The most popular reasons for setting up a meal ministry are:

  • New Baby
  • Sick/Hospitalized
  • Unable to Work

Essentially, it's a way to help celebrate and ease a transition into parenthood or meet a need in your local community.

How much does My Meal Ministry cost?

Individual: Free

For an individual, setting up a meal ministry can be stressful. Not with the Meal Ministry, though... and we won't even charge ya a dime. It's free! AND you are free to donate to our service as you feel led to!

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Org & Corporate: Free

At the end of the day, what you and your organization are doing is a ministry for good. We want to be a part of that. You're free to use Meal Ministry as much as you like, for as long as you like. However, please think about sending a donation to help cover basic overhead costs.

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