Who we are.

MyMealMinistry.com is a pretty small operation. Like, really small. It's just my wife and I. She's a stay-at-home mom raising our 3 kids + one on the way. And I'm a software developer at a small tech company in East Texas. MyMealMinistry.com isn't just your ministry for that special person you're blessing; it's part of ours as well. We ask for donations because this website is completely paid for and kept up by us. I write the features and maintain the code, she dreams the dreams that makes those features a reality. In other words, please donate. When you donate you become a part of the many meal ministries all across the world when the MyMealMinistry.com service is used.

Why we are.

There are some really great services that are available to make a meal ministry for someone. Some are free, some cost... My wife has been in charge of hospitality at our church, so when someone gets sick, has a baby, or is unable to work she sets up meal ministry. We tried the free services, and many of them are feature rich, but have an antiquated user experience or are just plain cumbersome to get going. The services that cost just had too many features that we knew our church would never use. There just isn't a good balance; enter MyMealMinistry.com Easy to use, feature rich, and donation based. Hey! I like the sound of that!

What do you do with my donation?

Great question. Full disclosure here. For every cent that is donated, 10% goes immediately toward a tithe. No questions asked. That's just how we roll. The rest goes toward server space and domain costs. It costs about $35 per month for a fully funded MyMealMinistry.com That's not a lot! So, feel free to donate any time!